"There is no substitute for human editing and proofreading."

Discover the secrets to having an error-free text. Home in on the "bits" that
apply to you and take our help.

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  • Proofreading

    A paper with sloppy errors (misspellings, omitted words) is frustrating and slows down the process of revisions. "'Spell check" is no substitute for proofreading because the computer only targets nonwords, not slips of the fingers. PEW Experts eyeball each word of your paper before turning it in.

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  • Editing

    Expert editing makes mistakes unmistakable. We examine every word you put on paper and ferret out useless words and errant grammar and usage. We make your text flawless and assure it does not distract your readers from the power of your meaning and the clarity of your style.

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  • Writing

    Spelling and grammar howlers can cost you millions. How? The Independent's most recent article states that just "a single spelling error has caused an 124-year-old Welsh family business to collapse—and cost the government £9 million in legal bills." Don't let an inexperienced writer write your content.

Wanted to see the world could know you are an author?

Why you need PEW Experts? PEW Experts will:

  • Open your eyes to your blind spots.
  • Challenge you as a writer and you'll grow.
  • Make sure your grammar errors won't distract your readers.

Think of our PEW experts as magicians. We are here to make your mistakes disappear.

We have qualified, expert writers:

We have over 12 years combined professional experience in editing and proofreading books,scholarly articles,
theses and dissertations, website content, creative works, newsletters, resumes,
technical reports, and numerous types of business documents.

We deliver just what you need:

Think of our services as your expert friend. We're here for you, when you need help with the words, and also when the words won't come. When you don't know where to start, and when you start you can't finish. When you have too many words, or too few. We deliver just what you need. And we even make you smile.

We write as if we're talking to you face-to-face, hence in a formal style.

We know you need insightful writing, laser-sharp editing, and compulsive fact checking, and we’ve packed this website with every relevant fact, helpful hint, and tricky exercises we’ve accumulated in our years of experience. The thing is that we don’t want you simply squeak through with a second, but help lift your writing to new levels.

We are the creative engine that moves your writing world.

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